Edge Flowers

The wedding was beautiful, and everything went very smoothly. The flowers were gorgeous, as were the chuppah design and cascading crystal drops in the ballroom of The Fairfax. Thank you for your creative vision and your very careful attention to detail. D.L. 10/30/2012

You and your team have exceeded our expectations by leaps and bounds. I&F / 04-12-14

WOW!!! You said for me to trust you and I'm so glad I left you to your creative powers. EVERY arrangement was stunning. — H.B., 11/08/2012

I want to thank you and your staff for doing such a fantastic job! — S.L / 8-2-12

Where to even begin? Never in our wildest dreams could we have ever imagined that our wedding would be so beautiful! R & S 08/10/2013

Thank you for transforming the gala into the most beautiful black and white ball! — HR Team/ 1-21-14

We really appreciated your flexibility and work to create such beautiful and unique centerpieces for these special events. — J.W., 07-06-2012

Thank you for being such a joy to work with! Everything turned out so, so beautiful- from the ceremony at the Church, to especially the reception. N.V / 05-15-2013

Thank you so much for your hard work and coordination on our wedding last Saturday. The roses were stunning and we received so many compliments from our guests on their beauty. — J.T., 5-01-2013

You really made my dream wedding come true and I know I could not have done it without you. — R&K / 8-26-13

We got tons of complements on the flowers and loved the flags and plane. — L.L / 11-5-13

Our daughter and new husband said it was the best day of their lives...so it definitely was a successful wedding. — P&H / 4-21-14

We would especially like to thank you for the beautiful floral arrangements you created for Charity in Chocolate. They were a beautiful addition to the event! — A.H., 06-12-2012

Our hearts jumped when we first entered the ballroom. — T&S / 4-21-14

I just wanted to reach out to give a very special thanks for our beautiful flowers and MANY meetings and phone calls :) — M&E / 11-26-13

All the details were flawless and the flowers were gorgeous. — A&I / 08-05-13

It was so wonderful to walk into the space and see everything look even more beautiful that I had imagined. — L.K. / 4/29/14

I don't even know where to begin. The flowers were a HUGE hit. And let me tell you, the hostess is not easy to please. Thank you, thank you. — M.M., 06-27-2012

We wouldn't have such a perfect wedding without you guys! — I&F / 07-09-13

I was thrilled when I entered the room! — A&E / 06-25-13

When I walked into the ceremony, it was like a dream! Everything about the flowers was just perfect — M.H. / 6-25-13

You all did a fabulous job..Thank you for working wonders! — R.H. / 8-26-13

You took me and my guests to a magical place with your creativity, imagination, vision and spot-on design. — J.L / 8-26-13

Thank you so much for all the hard work and BEAUTIFUL flowers. We were able to take them to our grandparents' graves the next day which was so special for us. K&S 02-09-13

You took a lot of pressure off our shoulders and everything was perfect! C&A / 06-26-14

Thank you so much for the flowers and balloons for the Bat-Mitzvah. You went "above and beyond" with the addition of the white roses to the centerpieces! J. 09-28-2012

Thank you so very much for making our bridal shower so very beautiful. — C.L. / 10-2-12

We absolutely made the right choice choosing the Edge! We will always recommend you for anyone's flower needs! M & P 09-28-2012

The room was truly transformed and the ambience perfect — C.K. / 9-20-12

The couch, coffee table and flowers were great! It created a perfect spot for couples to relax and take everything in. — R. from Freed Photography / 3-8-13

We have received so many compliments on how beautiful everything was, we know that choosing EDGE to design our flower decor was one of the best decisions we made! You will definitely be getting our highest reviews and glowing recommendations to friends and family! N & M 10/26/2012